Vishnupad Temple

Vishnupad Temple

Gaya is found a hundred kilometers off from the capital town of Patna. traditionally, Gaya was the a part of the traditional Magadh Empire. town is found on the bank of Falgu stream and is taken into account among one in all the foremost sacred cities for Hindus. 3 hills Mangala-Gauri, Shringa-Sthan, Ram-Shila and Brahmayoni surround it from 3 sides and create at a secure and exquisite web site. Gaya is AN ancient place and has nice heritage and history. numerous modes of transportation connect Gaya with alternative major cities of Bihar at the side of remainder of Asian country
Gaya is sacred not just for Hindus however additionally for Buddhists, because the place has several Buddhist pilgrim destinations. These sacred places in Gaya correspond to physical options, most of that occur naturally. The bank sides of stream Falgu and temples set on the bank area unit stunning and enticing. A peepal tree standing on the bank of Falgu stream referred to as Akshayavat is taken into account sacred for Hindus. The tree is worshiped for its divinity
The Mangla Gauri shrine UN agency is believed to be the primary spouse of Lord Shiva is worshiped here. the 2 rounded stones that symbolize the breasts of the mythological Sati are thought of sacred among Hindus. the foremost enticing destination in Gaya is Vishnupad Temple. The temple is found on the bank of stream Falgu stream and has footprint of Vishnu incised into a block of volcanic rock. individuals believe that Lord Vishnu killed Gayasur by inserting his foot on Gayasur’s chest.
The previous temple of Vishnupad was later restored by the queen of Indore, Hindu deity Ahilyabai in eighteenth century. whereas Hindus claim that footprints in Vishunpad temple area unit of Lord Vishnu, Buddhists think about them the footprints of Lord Buddha. The temple is still a significant pilgrim destination.
Nomenclature of Gaya is predicated on the parable of demon Gayasur UN agency Lord Vishnu had killed in a very twin. The place is thus sacred for Hindus that even Lord Ram had performed Pindadanam here for his ancestors. Legend says that Lord Ram had come back to Gaya to pay deference to his ancestors and mythical being had attended him on his method. Gaya is equally necessary for Buddhists as this was the place wherever Lord Buddha preached the hearth Sermon i.e. Adittapariyaya Sutta to around a thousand agriculture staff UN agency were fire-worshipers. The influence of Buddha’s discourse was thus huge that each one of them reborn to Buddhism.


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