Udupi Krishna Temple

Udupi is considered as the last resting spot of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna Temple and matha was set up in the thirteenth century by Madhvacharya. Legend has it that once Kanakadasa, an admirer of Lord Krishna was denied enchant into the sanctuary. Resolved to see god, Kanakadasa continued asking hard from the outside itself. Inspired by his commitment, it is trusted that Lord Krishna’s object of worship swung to confront Kanakadasa and a little opening framed on the divider so that Kanakadasa can get a look at Lord Krishna. This spot is presently known as Kanakana kindi (window of Kanaka). Aside from Sri Krishna sanctuary, there are two different sanctuaries in Udupi―Chandreshwara and, Anantheshwara. Once in like clockwork, a fabulous celebration named “Paryayotsava” is held in Udupi. Amid this time, sanctuary administration changes hand from one of the 8 mathas (Asta matt) to another. At the point when in Udupi, don’t miss to appreciate mouth watering Gadbad dessert at Diana. Udupi is very much associated by street and rail from all over Karnataka. Maple Beach, St Mary’s Island, Manipal End point, Kapu beacon are a portion of alternate attractions close Udupi. Mangalore airplane terminal is around 60 km away.

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