The Ugratara Temple

The Ugratara temple, placed within the jap a part of Guwahati, in Uzan Bazaar, is a vital Sakti shrine. created by King Shiva Singh of the Ahom Kingdom in 1725, this temple is one among the foremost necessary journeying centres of the state of state.

The temple features a tank, referred to as Jor Pukhuri, that is found within the east of this temple. thanks to associate earthquake, the higher section of the temple was destroyed, once that the current temple has undergone many renovations and modifications. These reconstructions were undertaken and managed by a non-public subject.

Goddess Ugra town is that the residing god of this temple, World Health Organization is taken into account to be another variety of Parvati. in step with a preferred legend, this temple has been created on constant spot wherever the navel of Sati fell on the planet once she died.

The other legend associated with this temple states that the temple has reference to Buddhism. additionally, it’s conjointly associated with Eka Jata and Tiksna Kanta of the Buddhist pantheon.

Navratri is that the main pageant celebrated during this temple. throughout this pageant, devotees from across the country visit to supply prayers and obtain blessings of the Mother. a vital ritual which will be witnessed throughout the pageant is that the sacrifice of animals like bulls, wild boars, goats and buffaloes. Another ritual connected to the present temple includes giving one’s own blood to the Mother. However, the females of all the species ar exempted from this sacrifice.

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