Sri Jogulamba Bala Brahmeswara Swamy Temple

Alampur close to Kurnool is home to the terribly ancient Navabhramma temples chemical analysis back to the seventh century Ce. Alampur is taken into account to be the western entrance of Sree Sailam, the revered Jyotirlinga Shivastalam in Andhra Pradesh. The southern, eastern, and northern gateways are Siddhavattam, Tripurantakam and Umamaheswaram severally.


Sri Jogulamba Bala Brahmeswara Swamy Temple

Sri JogulambaBalaBrahmeswaraSwamyTemple the Tungabhadra and avatar are in confluence close to Alampur that is additionally called Dakshina Kailasam (as is Sree Kalahasti in Southern Andhra Pradesh). 9 temples here spoken because the Nava Bhramma temples are dedicated to Shiva.

The Nava Bhramma temples were designed by the Badami Chalukyas, WHO dominated for concerning two hundred years from the centre of the sixth century ahead. The Badami Chalukyas designed many temples in state, and therefore the Alampur temples in Andhra Pradesh. The Alampur web site preserves remains within the kind of temples exhibiting a hybrid sort of design – chemical analysis back to the 6th-7th centuries Ce. a number of the photographs from this web site are housed during a deposit close.


The Nava Bhramma temples areTaraka Bhramma, Swarga Bhramma, Padma Bhramma, Bala Bhramma, Garuda Bhramma, Kumara Bhramma, Arka Bhramma, Vira Bhramma and    the Vishwa Bhramma. These temples are all capsulate during a ground on the Left Bank of the stream Tungabhadra.


The Bala Bhramma temple is that the principal shrine of worship. It dates back to the year 702 Ce – per the inscriptions seen here. Shivaratri is widely known in nice splendour here.


The Taraka Bhramma temple is partially in ruins, and it’s no image within the sanctum. It bears telugu inscriptions from the 6th-7th century Ce. The Swarga Bhramma temple with associate degree imposing tower is taken into account to be among the best in Alampur, and is a wonderful specimen of Chalukyan design and sculpture. It contains many sculptures in basso rilievo, and it dates back to the top of the eighth century.


The Padma Bhramma temple partially in ruins contains a Shivalingam of clear stone with mirror like end. The Viswa Bhramma temple is among the foremost creative of the Nava Bhramma temples. The sculptural work here depicts scenes from the epics.


Also within the capsulate grounds is found the Suryanarayana temple, chemical analysis back to the ninth century. This temple has bas reliefs representing the incarnations of Hindu deity. There’s additionally a Narasimha temple with inscriptions from the amount of avatar Deva Raya of the Vijayanagar Empire.


Near Alampur, is Papanasam with a cluster of over twenty temples of varied sizes and designs. The foremost necessary of those is that the Papanaseswara temple.







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