Solomon’s Temple

On a crisp morning, the sanctuary, made simply of white marble acquired the distance from Rajasthan, can be seen sparkling against the splendid, sunny, purplish blue Aizawl skies. White winged blessed messengers roosted upon the sanctuary hold trumpets to the sky. Seven gold stars, a straightforward cross, and a crown underneath it enhance the façade of the sanctuary.

The crown is the image of the Kohhran Thianghlim, or the Holy Church, a non-denominational Christian faction accountable for the development of the sanctuary. The aim behind the sanctuary was to recreate the now crushed unique Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem. As per the Old Testament in The Holy Bible, King David’s child, King Solomon constructed the sanctuary as the main changeless “Place of God”. Be that as it may, the sanctuary was later ravaged and obliterated by the Babylonians.

The sanctuary was recreated on a similar site and overwhelmed the city for the numerous years, yet was again devastated by General Titus of Rome in 70 AD. Indeed, even after its obliteration, it kept on ruling and shape the possibility of the world’s two most established religions Judaism and Christianity. The Dome of Rock stands at the first sanctuary site today.

The Solomon’s sanctuary of Aizawl is found 10 kilometers from the fundamental city and has been under development for almost the previous 2 decades. The establishment of the sanctuary was laid on December 23, 1996. The evaluated cost of development is USD 3 million.

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