Sivadol Joysagar

Making and Significance of Sivadol Joysagar in Assam

Sivadol Joysagar is located on the banks of Borpukhuri tank in Assam. The temple, also known as ‘Dol’ in local Assamese language is believed to be one of the tallest temples of Lord Shiva across India with a height of 104 feet. Queen of Ahom King, Swargdeo Singha, Bar Raja Ambike got the temple built back in the year 1734. Apart from Sivadol Joysagar, queen also got other temples constructed in the compounds of Sivadol, named as Vishnudol and Devidol in district Sibsagar. Largest structure in the town, the Sivadol is visible from most of the areas in the town, which adds to the old-world-charm of Sibsagar town. Due to its magnificent charm, the temple attracts many tourists from around the country to the town.


Golden Dome and other attractions of the temple

The temple has a number of sculptures of Gods and Goddesses on its walls. Some of the sculptures carved out on the outer walls of the temple represent Goddess Durga with 2 arms, 4 arms, 10 arms and 16 arms. Further, there is an eight feet high golden dome (golden kolosi) on the top of the temple that has been made of pure gold, which makes it one of the most respected places in north east region of the country. The beautifully designed golden dome and the immense religious value make the gigantic temple, a pride of Assam state.


Festivities in the temple

During Shivaratri, usually in the month of February or March, special celebrations take place with a number of fairs organised in and around the Sivadol Joysagar temple. Another popular attraction of this temple is the ‘Hari Krishna’ kirtan that is performed in July or August.

Be it the golden dome, sculptures carved out on the temple’s walls or the festive celebrations, Sivadol Joysagar holds a huge significance among most revered temples in the country. The temple also offers peaceful environment unlike most of the renowned temples of the country. Since there is lesser crowd in and around the temple, you can find mental calmness in a busy day.




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