Sita Mai Temple

An antiquated sanctuary, arranged at Sitamai town close Karnal, has remarkable qualities. It is maybe the main sanctuary of Goddess Sita in India. As the legend goes, it is said that the Sita Mai Temple is the correct spot where the mother earth gulped Goddess Sita Mata while she needed to demonstrate her virtue.

The sanctuary is made of blocks with its detailed ornamentation covering the entire place of worship. It is 19 kms. far from Nilokheri.

The antique hallowed place of Sita Mai is situated at a separation of 19 kilometers from Nilokheri in a little town known as Sitamai.

Committed to goddess Sita, the sanctuary is inherent the standard type of a Hindu sanctuary. It is made of blocks, yet the component is the detailed ornamentation, which covers the entire hallowed place. The example of the holy place is shaped by profound lines in the individual blocks, which appears to have been made before the blocks were singed, so that the structures they were to take more likely than not been incoherently settled for every block. Some Muslim sovereign altered the hallowed place, prompting to its being maneuvered down and tossed into the tank. The blocks have been put mutually again with no respect to the first example. The holy place is said to check the spot where the earth gulped Sita in reply to her allure in confirmation of her virtue.

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