Shri Mahalasa Temple

In the event that wherever can properly claim to be the primary spot where the darling Goddess Shri Mahalasa Narayani came to Goa, then it is Varenyapur, now known as Verna, in the southern part of the picturesque beach front condition of Goa.

For quite a long time, there existed a sanctuary committed to the Goddess, the female type of Lord Vishnu otherwise called Mohini, until it was flattened to the ground by the Portuguese intruders in the year 1567 AD.

History says that huge numbers of Her enthusiasts and Kulavis took away Her golden calf and set up it in another sanctuary at Mardol to get away from the abuse by the Christian crusaders. The sanctuary at Mardol today is the point of convergence for Shri Mahalasa Narayani in Goa.

Notwithstanding, Shri Mahalasa Narayani craved the sanctuary at Her unique place be remade and a committed band of lovers dedicated their time and endeavors towards a similar mission; and today there stands an amazing sanctuary in pleased declaration to their endeavors, obviously, with Her endowments.

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