Shri Dwarikadhish Gopal Mandir

Arranged in the memorable city of Ujjain, Gopal sanctuary is holy to Lord Krishna. The sanctuary was worked amid 1848-56 and is devoted to Dwarkadheesh, the tutelary god of the Scindia family. The utilization of marble in its engineering helps to remember amazing compositional abilities of the Maratha. The internal sanctum of the sanctuary houses a delightful 2 feet statue of Lord Krishna in silver frame.

Gopal sanctuary at Ujjain is committed to Lord Krishna in blue frame. It is otherwise called Dwarikadhish Temple. Ruler Krishna is the sweetheart of milkmaids, the heavenly herder and the immense incarnation of Preserver of the Universe-God Vishnu.

Ujjain passed on to the Scindias around 1750. The Maratha control of Malwa offered impulse to a social renaissance in the locale and present day Ujjain can appropriately be said to have appeared amid their run the show. The greater part of the sanctuaries of Ujjain were built amid this period. One of these is the Gopal Mandir worked by Bayaja Bai, spouse of Daulat Rao Scindia amid 1848-56 and devoted to Dwarkadheesh, the tutelary god of the Scindia family.

The Shikhar and the garbhagriha is in white marble while the primary symbol, the yard and the displays are of dark stone. The steeple structure in Marble demonstrates the fantabulous case of the engineering of Maratha. There is an extraordinary statue of God Krishna in silver frame with the stature of 2 feet. The icon of God Krishna is set on a marble-trimmed sacrificial table with the silver-plated entryways.

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