Shri damodar temple goa

Shigmo the Goan Hindu celebration of shading is the fundamental celebration celebrated at this lovely place. Chamundeshwari (the savage type of Shakti, a tutelary god), Mahakali (the Hindu Goddess of time and passing, thought to be the associate of Shiva the God of cognizance, and as the premise of Reality and presence) and Mahesha (one more incarnation of Lord Shiva) are likewise regarded at this place. Because of the sanctuary devastation crusade began by the Portguese rulers in Sasashti Taluka in the year 1567, the Mahajans from Madgaon moved the nearby divinities, Shree Ramnath, Damodar, Laxmi-Narayan, Chamundeshwari, Mahakali, Mahesh, and so forth to Zambaulim. The Desais of Rivona aided the Mahajans and gave them arrive for the development of sanctuaries and additionally Vatan which is being paid even today. Also, records about the date of development of the first Shree Damodar sanctuary at Zambaulim and the dates of back augmentations or reproductions of the sanctuaries in that upto 1885, are not, in this way, accessible. The Shree Damodar sanctuary, has a place with GSB people group (Gowda Saraswath Brahmins). What’s more, there is likewise a symbol of Lakshmi Narayana inside the sanctum.There are altars for Goddess Chamundeshwari and Shiva on either side of the fundamental sanctuary.

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