Shankaracharya temple

Disregarding the delightful town of Srinagar, the antiquated hallowed place, Shankaracharya Temple is situated at a stature of 1100 feet on the slope known as Takht-I-Sulaiman. The terrified site offers astonishing perspectives of the valley and the snow secured piles of the Pir Panjal run. Otherwise called the Jyesteshwara sanctuary the Shankaracharya sanctuary is known to be worked by Raja Gopadatya in 371 BC who named it as Gopadri.

The colossal thinker Shankaracharya remained here amid his visit to Kashmir to resuscitate Sanatan Dharma, after which this sanctuary was renamed after his name. The Temple is committed to Lord Shiva and is accepted to be the most established hallowed place in the Kashmir valley.

The altar has a roundabout cell that gives a brilliant perspective of the valley beneath. The internal council of the Shankaracharya sanctuary in the wake of being revamped was secured with a cutting edge roof. The inward sanctum with the advanced roof showcases numerous Persian engravings engraved going back to Emperor Shahjahan’s run the show. A high octagonal stage bolsters the sanctuary and there are a hundred stages to achieve this sanctuary. The Temple is extremely notable among religious travelers and is known to have incredible religious and design significance.

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