Rameswara Swamy Temple

Rameswara Swamy Temple

Rameswara Swamy Temple is found at Achanta within the West Godavari district of state. It’s an illustrious ancient temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva. The most supernatural being is Rameswara Swamy. It’s a Swayambhu symbol or a self-formed Shiva symbol. The Lord is lovingly known as as Achanteswara Hindu. There are around six Shiva lingams during this temple complicated, Lakshmaneswara symbol, Markandeya symbol, Bhimalingam, Someswara symbol, Skanda symbol and Hindu deity symbol.


The temple is additionally illustrious for its marvelous design. Rameswara Swamy temple includes a vast gopuram with 5 levels at the doorway. On the highest of this gopuram, a sculpture of 2 lions standing on the pinnacle of the elephant may be seen. In between these 2 lions, 5 Kalashas are placed. A tall Dwaja-Stambham is seen ahead of the Mukha Mandapam within the temple.


Several documents found on Rameswara Swamy Temple recommend that the temple was a awfully necessary non secular hub for japanese Chalukya Empire between 700 AD – 1130 AD. Associate in Nursing Associate in Nursingcient supernatural virtue that sculpture was found in a digging up. Recently, throughout the year 2010 some ancient bricks and a Shiva symbol of Rameswara Swamy Temple was pointed out throughout the dig of a man-made lake close to this temple. Associate in nursing outsized snake was conjointly found round the symbol.


Apart from regular Pujas, Abhishekams, and Festivals, Mahasivarathri is widely known with nice fervor. Individuals gather here to wish, conduct Abhishekams and supply cow milk, Honey, Vibhuthi, wood powder and fruit juices to the God.


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