Rameshwar Dass Temple

Rameshwar Dass Temple is situated at Bamanwas, around 25 km from Narnaul in Mahendragarh District. The sanctuary was built by Baba Rameshwar Dass. The primary mass of the sanctuary isolates the town of Tibba Basai in Rajasthan.

Committed to Lord Shiva, the sanctuary has a 10 feet high Shivling. It has an extensive corridor with marble flooring and improved dividers. Marble icons of divine beings and goddess are masterminded in the lobby. The dividers of the sanctuary is embellished with painted icons and the ethics of the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and different religious sagas. There is an immense icon (40 feet) of Lord Hanuman on the primary passageway.

A wonderful Shiva sanctuary is contiguous the principle sanctuary. A substantial stone picture of Nandi can be found in its premises.

No money gifts are acknowledged here. A yearly reasonable is directed on Ramnavami. Haryana Roadways gives transport administrations from Narnaul transport remain to this sanctuary.

Baba Rameshwar Dass Temple, Baba Rameshwar Dass Temple visits, Visit Baba Rameshwar Dass Temple of HaryanaInside the sanctuary is a remarkable 10 feet high Shiv Linga that stands introduced other than other

pictures of Lord Shiva. On the dividers of the sanctuary the proclaiming of the Gita, the Ramayana and different religious stories are composed. The painted symbols on dividers and marble are one of a kind. The symbol of Lord Hanuman on the fundamental passageway of the sanctuary is so tremendous (having a stature of 40 feet roughly) that presumably it has no examination in Northern India.

Individuals of Haryana and Rajasthan have awesome commitment for Baba Rameshwar Dass. The fans from all over India (principally from Calcutta , Bombay , Ahemdabad , Delhi and Hyderabad and numerous different urban communities) seek having a look at the’ picture of Baba and because of the help rendered by these enthusiasts, this enormous sanctuary could be raised. The Baba resulted in these present circumstances put in the start of 1963 and the development work of this sanctuary was begun. The general population of Bamanwas made accessible the land for the sanctuary to the Baba. From that point, the courtesies like power, water-supply and streets were given.

Prior to the development of this sanctuary, Baba Rameshwar Dass had changed many spots. In the underlying stage he lived alongside his Guru, Shri Nand Brahmehari at Shiv Kund situated at the edge of Dhosi. After the passing of his Guru he built a sanctuary at town Bighopur in Narnaul Sub-Division and lived there. From that point, the Baba resulted in these present circumstances put (Bamanwas) and got this sanctuary built.

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