Prapitaamaheswara temple

This is associate ancient Shiva temple set within the preponderantly Vaishnavite pilgrim city of Gaya. Prapitaamaheswara is alleged to be a witness divinity for the performance of the offerings of the pindas to ancestors. Shiva is loved within the sort of a symbol. Gaya and Buddha Gaya near are revered journey centers of India since antiquity.

The other acknowledge temples in Gaya square measure the Vishnupaada Temple, the Dakshinaarka Temple and also the Mangala Gowri temple.

Antiquity: The ritual of giving pindas or offerings to the dead has been long related to Gaya and has been mentioned within the epics. (Vaayupuraana) The Prapitaamaheswara temple has been cited within the Agni Purana. Shiva worship at Gaya has been referred within the sacred writing too. The Prapitaamaheswara temple is one among the oldest temples in Gaya and it dates back to the Pala phratry of the eleventh century Ce as testified from stone inscriptions near .

Architecture. This temple is made of black volcanic rock and it stands adjacent to 2 hills (Bhramayoni and Vasmakuta) that square measure thought of sacred. The temple faces east and is connected to a sabha mandapa within the front. Brobdingnagian|the large} stone slabs of the hall square measure supported by huge two-dimensional figure stone pillars placed one on top of the opposite. 5 sleek domes high the mandapa. the big size and height of the mandapa aren’t in consonance thereupon of the temple. what’s seen nowadays could be a results of renovative work administered within the fourteenth century. The pyramidical tower of the temple shikhara is head by associate aamalaka and a broken iron spear.

Related temples in Gaya: The Kedaara, Rameshwara, Vriddha-Prapitaamaheswara temple, Markandyesha, Falgisha, Matangeshwara, Rinamoksha, Paapamoksha, Pitaamaheshwara temples additionally to the acknowledge Vishnupaada and also the Mangalagauri temples be mention.

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