Parshuram kund Temple

Parshuram kund Temple

A Hindu journey centre Parasuram Kund is placed on the Brahmaputra highland within the lower reaches of the Lohit River and twenty one klick north of Tezu in Lohit district of Arunachal.
Nestled within the lower reaches of the Lohit stream, Parshuram Kund could be a sacred place in Arunachal Pradesh. Placed thirteen miles to the north-east of Tezu, the Kund has been recognized as a pilgrim spot, visited by an oversized range of devotees. On each Makar Sankranti (Indian Harvest Festival), devotees from totally different elements of the planet visit this place. This sacred place leaves associate unerasable impression on the mind of the guests in addition as pilgrims.

The Legend
Legend says that Parshuram killed his mother with associate axe, commanded by his father. Throughout this, the axe got stuck to his hands and he wandered all across Asian country, visiting sacred places for atonement. However all was vainly. Then he came all the thanks to the Kund wherever he took a dip and therefore the axe came free and fell down. The spot wherever it fell, became the supply of Lohit stream. Since then, the Kund has been referred to as the Parshuram Kund.

Highlights recreation
An annual event of the temple is understood as Parshuram Mela. Command in Jan each year, the Mela or honest attracts a significant crowd from varied corners of the country.

During the Mela, the encompassing becomes pious. The native administration initiates every type of arrangements (shelters, ration retailers, treatment, potable, bathrooms etc.) for the group of devotees UN agency visit the mela.

Colourful kiosks round the Mela build the atmosphere a lot of pleasant. One will see an oversized kind of articles in these retailers.

Nature’s Wonders
Even the calm natural great thing about this place attracts the casual tourists. There square measure another stunning place, visited by several tourists. Tezu town and Glow Lake add natural delight to the place.

Due to the increasing quality of this place, several little and massive hotels have come back up with smart accommodation that has resolved the accommodation downside for the guests.

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