Second Day of Navaratri



Worship Maa Brahmacharini on the second day of  Navaratri


BRAHMACHARINIDevi Brahmacharini is second lovely type of Goddess Durga who is worshiped on the second day of Navratri. As her name signifies ‘Brahmacharini’, she addresses “Brahma” (compensation) or solid affecting tapasya. She is symbolized as the Goddess who performs Tapa or hard compensation. She holds Kamandal in her left hand and Japani (Rosary) in right. She wears white Saree of splendid orange outskirt and Rudraksh as adornment. At the point when Shail Putri arose about her quintessence cherish toward Lord Shiva, she chose to play out the strict Tapasya or Yoga Sadhna to enchant Mahadev. She is the Goddess of insight and information. Respecting Goddess Brahmacharini, the Rishi-Muni, pupils and enthusiasts of Durga fulfills their Yog-Sadhna, Pooja and compensation. Sun powered radiations behind her head celebrate her brilliance.


The Legend behind naming Goddess Durga as Bhramacharini


It is trusted that Brahmacharini is the genuine case of a goddess who performed extraordinary hard retribution to acquire Lord Shiva. At the point when Parvati acknowledged about her awesome love toward Mahadev, she was prompted by Rishi Narad to take after traditions and customs of unbending Tapasya of long times. While performing Tapasya, she endured excruciating torments of nature like to a great degree gnawing chilly, serious blazes of Sun, and pounding of rain. It is additionally trusted that she proceeded with that of her hard atonement till a huge number of years and ate just bilva leaves to survive. Till a huge number of years, she kept away from water and nourishment. Also, along these lines, she committed herself totally in love of Lord Shiva. This awesome Tapa made her celebrated with name “Brahmacharini” and satisfied Lord Shiva to be her heavenly associate.


On the second favorable day of Navratri Pooja, Durga fans revere Brahmacharini devi to procure energy of going without sustenance and water till nine days of fasting. They serenade mantras and offer Stuti (conjuring) to Devi Brahmacharini to get her huge favors and beauty. By generously venerating Goddess Brahmacharini, enthusiasts can improve their digestion, stamina and can live without suppers without much impact on wellbeing. It is not only an extraordinary, but rather the elegance and glory of Devi Brahmacharini who presents her aficionados the colossal quality to persevere through startling torment of nature.

She burned through hundred of years eating next to no or nothing by any stretch of the imagination, however her atonement was so unadulterated and had so much quality, control that it caused incredible aggravation in all the three universes. Her want to get Lord Shiva as her celestial associate was in the long run satisfied.


Goddess Brahmcharini favors you with incredible enthusiastic quality and you might have the capacity to keep your mental adjust and certainty even at the breaking point. She rouses you to clutch your morals and walk on the way of obligation. By the beauty of Maa Brahmacharini, you endeavor to advance in existence without getting unsettled by the various difficulties coming your direction. Her gifts enable you to dispose of self-centeredness, sense of self, avarice and apathy.

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