Devi Shailputri is worshiped on First Day of Navratri


All-powerful Durga is celebrated with name “Shailputri” as her initially shape. Navratri starts with love of devi Shailputri. As she is the little girl of Parvat Raj Himalya (King of mountains), she is appreciated with name ‘Shail Putri’.


Goddess Durga is representation of Shakti (power) and shows herself in nine structures. These nine types of Durga are religiously worshiped one by one amid nine days and evenings of Navratri. Devi Shailputri is first among nine epitomes of Goddess Durga and is worshiped first amid first day of Navratri. Her eminence is mind blowing. She is the Goddess of immaculateness. With her reverence, Navratri is given a propitious beginning. She is additionally a type of Mother Nature (Prakriti). Worshiping this Goddess on the primary day of Navratri Pooja, aficionados enter in Moolchakra.


Devi Shailputri is worshiped alongside Mahadev, as she is the partner (spouse) of Lord Shiva. She is likewise the mother of Kumar Kartikeya and Ganesha. As she is Prakriti, she cares for every single living being including people, creatures, trees, bushes, plants and even small living things on Earth. She holds a lotus bloom in her left hand and a Trishul (trident) in her correct hand. A half moon improves her brow. Parvati and Hemavati are different names of Goddess Shailputri. She rides on Vrishabha (a bull), the parade of this Goddess.


Legend behind incarnation of Devi Shail Putri


As per Shiv Mahapuran and other Hindu folklores, Devi Sati, little girl of Prajapati Daksha, was got hitched with Mahadev. In any case, King Daksha was totally not for this marriage. One day, he composed a Maha Yagya. All divinities and close dear ones were welcomed with the exception of Shiv and Sati. Discovering this, Sati got profoundly hurt and understood that her dad was just offending her better half Shiva. In this unbearable circumstance, she scarified her body consumed in flame of yogic Yagya. This sight was to a great degree agonizing for Mahadev. He made himself confined from all and went for an atonement of long periods. Without him the entire universe was in clutter. Be that as it may, re-birth of Sati with name Parvati at home of King Himalaya supported beams of expectation. In any case, it was exceptionally troublesome for Parvati to get her Lord Shiva, as Mahadev lost himself in densest of Sadhna.


With mammoth endeavors and monstrous dedication, Devi Parvati started her inquiry and voyage toward Lord Shiva. After many attempts, she favored with a re-opportunity to wed with Mahadev. In this way, Shailputri symbolized herself as a genuine Goddess of root chakra. Her enlivening was toward building up widespread love with Lord Shiva that celebrated her as the Goddess of mindfulness.


On the main day of Navratri, fans put enters in Moolchakra and love Goddess Shailputri to build up commitment remembering Mooladhar, and begin Durga pooja favorably. Jai Devi Shailputri. It is holy moments for Hindu to start nine days fast starting from this day.

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