Mahagauri pooja held on Eighth  day of navratri


Mahagauri is the incarnation of goddess parvati and is worshiped on the eight day of navaratri parva. Mahagauri is a standout amongst the most wonderful goddesses and is white more than moon and surya set up together that is the reason she has the name maha gauri which implies the most charge of all.


8th day of pooja is also important for everyone. Many of peoples are ending their fast on same day. The goddess is worshiped to acquire her favors of pulling in bliss in our life; the time of navratri is viewed as the best time frame to draw in the propitious gifts of the goddess. The beginning of the Devi occurred so she can vanquish the fiendishness from the substance of earth; it was because of the evil spirit shumba and nishumba two’s identity making ruin in the three universes and the entire universe were in profound agitated state, to dispose of this circumstance a goddess showed up by the beauty of maa parvati and she vanquished every one of the devils and restored the upright dharma in adjust.


Maa Mahagauri love is simple which includes an arrangement of customs, for example, washing up early morning, getting wearing clean apparel and performing aarti for the sake of the goddess and watching a quick for the duration of the day in which just a single supper is permitted for the duration of the day which ought to be satvik samigri ann ahahar comprised of kuttu and singarha.


A very much performed puja in chaitra and ashwin will influence you to encounter goddess favors as expanded bliss, fascination of riches, stream of wealth and success and accomplishing each objective you set for yourself. Thus, pull in all these awesome endowments throughout your life this navratri worshiping Maa Mahagauri.


About Godess Maha Gauri:


She is to a great degree lovely and have reasonable (White as snow) composition. Devi Mahagauri’s parade (Sawari) is white bull (vrishabha), dressed white fabrics or green materials and embellished white trimmings. She is depicted with three eyes and four hands. In her lower right hand, she holds a trident (Trishul) while upper right hand is through easing dread. Her left high ground holds a Damaru while bring down left hand is in the stance of gift to aficionados. She is the image of immaculateness, placidness and quietness and speaks to the astuteness. She has the ability to transform unthinkable things into conceivable.


Eighth Day of Navratri Pooja Rituals:


On the eighth day of nine days numerous customs have been performed like, it is the day for Maha Puja, a day to love nine young ladies thinking of them as nine goddess of navratri and for a few aficionados eighth day of worship is for breaking their quick. On the eight day of pooja, wedded ladies offer the red chunri to goddess Maha Gauri for the long existence of their spouses. Alongside Goddess Mahagauri, ruler Shiva is likewise loved on this day.

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