Nartiang Durga Temple

04 Dec

Nartiang Durga Temple in Jaintia Hills is said to have finished 600 years, the majority of the enthusiasts visit this sanctuary are Pnar birthplace. It is said that sometime in the distant past human yield was polished in this sanctuary. Nowadays goat s are relinquished with a human cover on.

Nartiang Durga Temple, MeghalayaNartiang Durga Temple is situated in the Jaintia Hills region in the Indian condition of Meghalaya. It is 500 year old sanctuary. According to legend it is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Hindu Mythology. It is in this way viewed as one of the sacred spots for the aficionados Shakti religion of Hinduism.

History of Nartiang Durga Temple

The historical backdrop of the sanctuary goes back to the old circumstances. The sanctuary is connected with an intriguing fanciful legend as indicated by which once amid a conciliatory devour the father of Goddess Parvati, Daksha did not welcome Lord Shiva, his child in-law. Parvati felt extremely mortified and discouraged at the affront of her better half and subsequently immolated herself at the conciliatory fire at her folks’ home. Ruler Shiva when came to think about the episode he got to be distinctly angry and in fury conveyed the dead body of his significant other on his shoulders and started playing out the move of devastation. Ruler Vishnu keeping in mind the end goal to assuage him chop down Durga’s dead body into 51 pieces with his flying plate or Chakra. These pieces fell in different parts of the world that later formed into sanctuaries and religious spots. At Nartiang in the Jaintia Hills the left thigh of Goddess Durga fell. It is hence that the Goddess is known as ‘Jainteshwari’.

As indicated by another story, the Jaintia ruler Jaso Manik (1606-1641) had hitched the little girl of the Hindu Koch lord Nara Narayana, Lakshmi Narayana. She is said to have affected the Jaintia Royalty to acknowledge Hinduism. Very nearly 600 years prior King Dhan Manik had made Nartiang was the mid year capital of the Jaintia Kingdom. It said that the Goddess had showed up in his fantasies and informed him concerning the significance of the place. She likewise trained him to erect a sanctuary here in her respect. Consequently the ruler assembled the sanctuary of Jainteshwari in Nartiang. It is trusted that the sanctuary was before a part of a fortress of the Jaintia Kings.

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