Murudeshwara: The Tale of a Contemporary Temple from the Ancient Era

Karnataka based Murudeshwara temple is famous for its contemporary looks though it belongs to the ancient era. Here Lord Murudeshwara, one of many forms of Lord Shiva is offered the prayers by devotees that come from various parts of the country to seek his blessings. The temple has a huge statue of Mahadeva which is considered the second largest statue of Lord Shiva in the world after the Kailash Nath Mahadeva statue in Nepal. Apart from this significant height attribute of Shiva’s statue, the temple is also surrounded by Arabian Sea from the three sides. Temple’s premises, beginning with a twenty storied and 237.5 feet tall complex, called Gopuram also sets it apart from other Mahadeva temples in the country.


Beauty of Murudeshwara temple

The temple is built on a small hillock called Kanduka, and the scenic view of the Lord Shiva’s statue and seashore is absolutely breathtaking. Further, a temple dedicated to Shri Rameshwara is located at the foot of Shiva’s temple. You can see two elephant statues at the entrance of the temple which are believed to guard the temple. The contemporary Murudeshwara temple that had been built by R. N. Shetty, a businessman and a philanthropist also has a small cave below the Lord Shiva’s idol in the temple.


Important aspects of the temple

  • It is believed that the Atma Linga that Lord Shiva had given to Ravana as a gift for his forfeit sits originally in the heart of Shiva. The Murudeshwara temple has the cloth that covered the Atma Linga that has many stories related to it about Gods attaining morality by worshipping Lord Shiva.
  • Karnataka is believed to have Pancha Kshetra of Lord Shiva including the Murudeshwara temple among four others Nanjanagud, Dharmasthala, Dhareshwara and Gokarna.
  • The huge temple is built in a way that the rays of the Sun first fall on Shiva’s statue, highlighting its striking beauty.
  • The main shrine of the temple has a deep (oil lamp) which is believed to be burning similar to when the temple was built. People pour the oil in this burning oil lamp to seek blessings of Lord Shiva, seeing their image into the oil.


With all these interesting and significant factors, the Murudeshwara temple is a must visit for all devotees of Lord Shiva. You can take any of the transports available to reach here and seek blessings of Mahadeva for a blissful life.

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