Mangla Gauri Temple

Mangla Gauri Temple

It is a really recent temple inbuilt fifteenth century. we’ve got to climb up alittle hill to achieve the temple. The steps route is in between homes of native individuals. At the beginning of steps route there’s temple of Bhima (One of 5 Pandavas). we are able to see his knee impression here. Here Bhima did Shraddhakarma, thus referred to as as Bhimvedi Gaya.

The Mangla Gauri temple in Gaya, Bihar, India has been mentioned in Padma Sanskrit literature, Hindu deity Sanskrit literature and Agni Sanskrit literature and in different scriptures and Tantrik works. this temple dates back to fifteenth century.After ascension around two hundred steps we are going to reach Mangala Gowri temple field. There square measure many temples in this field. The shrine is devoted to Hindu deity or the mother divinity within the preponderantly Vaishnavite journeying center of Gaya. Mangalagauri is worshiped because the divinity of benevolence. This temple constitutes Associate in Nursing Upa-Shakti Pitha – wherever it’s believed that an area of the body of Hindu deity fell – in keeping with mythology. Here Hindu deity is worshiped within the type of a breast image, a logo of nourishment. it’s believed that whoever involves maa Durga together with his desires and prayers, returns with success with all of prayers and needs return true.

The temple is facing east, and is constructed on prime of the Mangalagauri hill. A flight of steps and a motorable road cause the temple. The sanctum homes the image of the divinity and it conjointly has some finely incised ancient relief sculptures. alittle hall or mandap stands ahead of the temple. The grounds conjointly homes a fireplace pit for the house. There are 2 minor shrines dedicated to Shiva and pictures of Mahishasura Mardini, Durga and Dakshina Kali.Main temple is incredibly tiny temple and solely two to three members will enter the temple at a time. there’s no idol within the temple. we are able to see Breast of Satidevi in deepa lighting. Lord Shiva conjointly gift within the type of Shivaling beside maa. Some Tantriks can provide island to Mother divinity.

The temple advanced encompasses of temples of Maa Kali, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.


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