Mahanandi Temple

The world known 1500 years ancient Mahanandishwara Temple (Mahanandi Temple in short) is placed in Mahanandi village. Mahanandi is at a distance of around nineteen kilometres from the Nandyal city in Kurnool district. The immortal during this temple is Lord Shiva.


The temple is known for its gorgeous design and for several rituals that are control throughout the auspicious day of Dhegiha Shivaratri.


The Mahanandi village in Kurnool district is enclosed by the known Nallamala Hills towards the east and therefore the thick dense forests provide a shocking expertise to the pilgrims.


The temple is connected by road, rail and air networks. In total there are around ten Nandi’s inside fifteen kilometer radius of Mahanandi. Of these nine Nandi’s are known, however Mahanandi receives the best fame among all of them.


It’s AN ancient temple that dates back to the tenth Century AD and was made by King Nandana throughout the Chalukyan amount. The temple is enclosed by pleasant streams and contemporary natural water pools.


The shrine or immortal of Lord Shiva gift during this sacred temple belongs to seventh century. The fundamental temple structure was made by Chalukyas (7th century) and was later increased by Nanda folk (10th century) and Vijayanagara Kings (15th century).


Devotees will take holy dip at Mahanandi temple Pushkarni or Koneru there are Pancha symbols of which the centre one is termed Varuna Lingam. Regardless of the seasons, water within the Pushkarni [Koneru] is at same constant 5 feet flow.


It is same that the most water supply is originated below the inner Swayambhu Linga at the Garbhagruha conjointly the} pilgrims will bit the Shiva symbol to perform puja and also take the H2O as Thirtham.


The outgoing water of Mahanandi temple is employed for irrigation of fertile lands within the close areas of the temple. One in all the world’s biggest unreal Nandi of fifteen foot. x 27 ft. is gift close to the Mahanadi temple.


The main Gopuram of this temple tallys Badami Chalukyan vogue design wherever as alternative temple structures resemble the Vijayanagara vogue.


Maha Shivaratri, Ugadi, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Kartika Poornima and Dasara are a number of the known festivals celebrated in Mahanandi. Pilgrims from all corners of the world return to Mahanandi Temple throughout the pageant periods.

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