Mahabhairav Temple

The Legend
The history of this temple, that’s visited by devotees from everyplace land, ar usually derived back to the age of the Puranas. Legend has it that Banasura, the demon king, UN agency had his capital at Tezpur, initial introduced the ‘Linga’ worship. inside the temple of Maha bhairav there is perhaps the largest stone-phallus or Shiva Linga inside the whole world, that’s claimed to possess been discerned of by Banasura.

The archeologists, however, believe that the temple was designed sometime throughout eighth to tenth century AD by the kings of the Salasthamba blood line. That originally there was a stone temple is apparent from the massive pillars scattered all around the temple. but the initial temple was destroyed by the ravages of some time. it fully was however, reworked by consecutive kings and rulers, until it fully was heavily broken by the harmful earthquake of 1897.

Layout Of The Temple
The present structure of the temple was designed sometime inside the first a vicinity of this century by a decent buff and monk Sri Swayambar Bharati, popularly known as “Naga Baba”. once a few years, another monk Sri Mahadeo Bharati designed the “Nat Mandir” close to the temple. once a few years another buff designed the cement-concrete idols of Hindu deity and Hanuman as “Dwarpaals” before of the temple.

Since then the process works of the temple had been somewhat sluggish although not absolutely stopped, one major work being the exquisitely carven ornamental front things of the foremost entrance gate of the temple by an area creator, Sri Joy Das.

The façade of the temple has been re-adorned and interiors repaired. a detailed wall is inside the tactic of being in-built order to protect the precincts of this sacred temple.

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