Lord Sanamahi Temple

The sanctuary is situated in Manipal town in the primary Manipur Rifle Ground. It was disparaged by ruler Kulachandra in 1891. The structure is raised on an octagonal base. The southern side has got flying strides. The veneer conveys a rectangular entryway. In the octagonal structure every part divider meets the twofold cornice.

The cornice beneath or more has a succession orchestrated in a line over the octagonal structure. The rooftop structure is in pyramidal Gothic Style. The curves slant at 45 degree to frame a decreasing octagonal structure which is truncated by Amalaka-sila, on the top, in a type of a roundabout plate. It conveys an apex.

The structure is made in blocks. There has been an enough push to investigate the masterful plans in building the structure itself in an impossible to miss engineering outline and by giving an adapts figure to the twofold cornice. It is the main sanctuary animistic confidence of Manipur which was developed especially to revere the animistic god. The sanctuary is additionally critical for its compositional assortment.

The god Lord Sanamahi is adored in the sanctuary. The ceremonies are of run of the mill Hindu style. The enhancement of god and puja framework depends on Hindu strategies. The dress of the cleric playing out the ceremonies is undefined from a Hindu minister. The puja performed by the cleric day by day in morning and night at suitable times of Ushakala and Samdhyakala.

A week after week puja known as “Sagalchham” is performed on Tuesday. The yearly celebration is praised at the sanctuary amid “Cheiraoba” which is the yearly year celebration of Manipur and another yearly celebration celebrated amid September at the sanctuary is called Honjnungha.

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