Lord Krishna Temple

The sanctuary is situated in Imphal at Brahmpur Guru Aribam Leikai, on the banks of the Imphal River. The sanctuary was belittled by lord Charairongba and implicit the year 1704 AD.

The sanctuary is inherent blocks. It is given a thick concrete covering from outside. The platform is brought up in three layers of blocks. A sound board of flying staircases in the south-bound veneer coordinates the solid structure of the sanctuary base. The sanctum solid shape and the yard dividers independently bolster the vault like hemispherical rooftop.

The patio vault is shorter in tallness. The surface of the vault is improved with the botanical themes. Over the botanical themes it is molded into a short neck to rest the roundabout crown. The crown promote conveys two Kalasas put one over the other. The zenith over the top vase likewise conveys a Nilachakra.

The inner sanctum is interconnected to the yard lobby through a little entryway. The yard corridor is isolated into two chambers parceled by an iron collapsing entryway. The patio entryway opens outside prompting to the staircases. The aesthetic significance of the sanctuary is that there are distinctive symbols of Lord Krishna demonstrating diverse occasions from his tyke hood to grown-up stage. The tweak of the symbols is done in an extremely aesthetic way. These additionally mirror the aesthetic relic of symbol gods.

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