Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple

The sanctuary is arranged in Imphal town in the compound of Manipur State Road Transport Corporation. It is given by Leimapokpan Keirungba in 1875 AD. It is not being used at this point.

The entire structure of the sanctuary is made in blocks. It is a rectangle 3D square and seems simply ascending starting from the earliest stage. Its platform is not raised over the ground. It is confronting south. The exterior divider is embellished and in front there is a half circle curve upheld by three columns on every side.

The cornice is accomplished by giving diverse layers of blocks, by making their courses outward and after that giving an inclination to the projection with the assistance of level blocks. Over the cornice is the railing. The external coat solid shape has a line of arcades in its eastern and southern dividers. There are no arcades in the western dividers.

The Garbha Griha is square and the sanctum divider is given three entryways. The circumambulatory way is congenial through arcades on east and north sides and through the curve door from the front side.

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