Konark Sun Temple

An Architecture Marvel of Eastern India and An image of India’s legacy, Konark Sun Temple, usually known as Konark is arranged in the eastern condition of Odisha (prior known as Orissa), India and is one of the famous vacation destinations. Konark houses an enormous sanctuary devoted to the Sun God. “Konark” is a mix of two words “Kona” and ‘Arka’. “Kona” signifies “Corner” and “Arka” signifies ‘Sun’, so when joins it gets to be ‘Sun of the Corner’. Konark Sun Temple is arranged on the north eastern corner of Puri and is committed to Sun God. Konark is otherwise called Arka khetra. There are three pictures of the Sun God at three unique sides of the sanctuary, situated in legitimate bearing to get the beams of the sun at morning, twelve and night.

Sun Temple of Konark, implicit the center of thirteenth century, is a gigantic origination of aesthetic gloriousness and designing skill. Lord Narasimhadeva I, the colossal leader of the Ganga tradition had assembled this sanctuary, with the assistance of 1200 artisans inside a time of 12 years (1243-1255 A.D.). Since the ruler used to revere the Sun, the sanctuary was considered as a chariot for the Sun God. Konark Temple was composed as a flawlessly enlivened chariot mounted on 24 wheels , each around 10 feet in distance across, and drawn by 7 powerful steeds. It is truly hard to see, how this tremendous sanctuary, every last bit space of which was so superbly cut, could have been finished inside such a brief span. Whatever that may be, the konark sanctuary even in its present destroyed state, still a ponder to the entire world. Awesome artist Rabindranath Tagore composed of Konark: “here the dialect of stone outperforms the dialect of man.”

Around the base of the sanctuary there are pictures of creatures, foliage, warriors on stallions and other fascinating structures. On the dividers and top of the sanctuary lovely suggestive figures are cut. Sun sanctuary of Konark is a magnum opus of Orissa’s medieval design.

The Konark sanctuary is generally known for its design significance as well as for the modernity and wealth of sculptural work. Konark is an extraordinary blend of radiant sanctuary design, legacy, fascinating shoreline and remarkable characteristic magnificence. The vast structure of Konark Temple seen today is really the passageway of the primary sanctuary. The primary sanctuary which cherished the managing divinity has tumbled off and just the remaining parts can be seen. Indeed, even in its destroyed state it is a wonderful sanctuary mirroring the driving force of the engineers that envisioned and developed it.

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