Kedareswar Temple

Kedareswar Temple is found a high the Madanachala hill in Hajo, concerning thirty two metric linear unit north-west of Guwahati in Kamrup District. The presiding divinity here is Lord Shiva, popularly glorious here as Kedareswara or Kedara. The Kedareswara Temple, a Shiva temple, has inscription on the temple showing that it’s of Rajeswar Singha amount. King Rajeshwar Singha adjoined 2 walls within the entry of the temple in 1753. A temple, Kedareswar is one among the oldest temples having its own importance within the country. Lord shiva is worship hear within the sort of linga, that is named Sayambhu Linga. it’s an enormous linga manufactured from stone because the main sanctum. This linga seems to be associate degree Ardhanariswara sort of Lord Shiva. The linga is usually unbroken lined with an enormous metal bowl. kedareswar is additionally a pretty temple.

Kedareswar temple is additionally a vital medieval Shiva temple created by Ahom King Rajeswar Singha in 1753. Temple is found on the highest of Madanchala hummock concerning 32Km from Guwahati in Hajo Kamrup district of state. this can be one among the rare Svyambhu (self originated) ling within the Ardhnareswar (male & female) sort of Lord Shiva.

Hajo is one among the rare laic non secular dham in India; it’s Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist shrines of equal importance. Hyagreeve Madhav temple is one among the rare shrines of Lord Hindu deity as Hyagreeve Avatar. encompassing has scenic great thing about inexperienced fields, forest and hills.

According to a legend popularly prevailing among the Hajongs, they’re Suryawanshi (Surjo bung-shi in Hajong) or the descendants of Surjo or Bila (sun)and they’re Kshatriyas.[1] The Hajongs belong to the Indo-Tibetan cluster of the most Mongolian race. that they had return from Asian country to the north-east India on the Brahmaputra and Tista and their tributaries and had adjoin within the Sankush vale. Some recordsstate that the Hajongs were a vicinity of the Indo-Burmese cluster of the Mongolian race. The Hajongs claim that their ancestral home was in Hajo space of gift Nalbari district of state. The that means of ‘Hajong’ is apprehended as ‘descendants of Hajo.

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