Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple

At a separation of pretty much 20 km from Mangaluru is the famous Durgaparameshwari Temple in Kateel. This blessed sanctuary is situated amidst River Nandini. The name Kateel is gotten from two words―’Kati’ which means midriff and “Ile” which means earth. Kateel implies the focal region of earth.

History: Arunasura was an evil spirit becoming solid with forces and was disturbing peace on earth. Divine beings were defenseless as Arunasura had secured exceptional forces from Brahma that he can’t be slaughtered by any two or four legged animals. At the point when Arunasura’s terrible deeds developed out of hand, Adhishakti descended on earth as a lovely lady, tricked him and prodded Arunasura to shake him. An irate Arunasura attempted to slaughter Adhishakti, she transformed herself into a stone. Arunasura attempted to tear open the stone, amid which a progression of huge irate honey bees rose and stung him over and over till his demise, along these lines disposing of one all the more awful soul on earth. On this achievement, holy people and sages performed abhishekam to master Adhishakti who later appeared as a linga amidst stream Nandini. Accordingly the Durga Parameshwari Temple is worked around this. Kateel is very much associated by open transportation and settlement is accessible. Mangalore is the closest town.

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