Know About Ashtami/Navami Kanjak Pooja

Kumari pujan was begun in West Bengal by Ramkrishna Paramhansa. It is done on eighth or the ninth day of Navratras. In this article we talk about the hugeness of the kumari puja otherwise called kanjak puja and its importance in the cutting edge times.

Meaning of Term “Kumari”

Kumari pujan as the name proposes is the convention in which young ladies in their pre-adolescence age are worshiped as an impression of awesome vitality. The word Kumari is a subsidiary of Sanskrit word Kaumarya which implies a virgin. The conviction is that when the young lady achieves adolescence the heavenly powers leave the body. We are not attempting to legitimize if the custom isn’t right or right. The word is additionally utilized for alluding to Goddess Durga in her adolescence. Unmarried young ladies are worshiped as Goddess Durga amid kumari pujan or kanjak puja.

History of Kumari Pujan

Let us initially begin with the historical backdrop of the Kumari pujan. In spite of the fact that being extremely prominent in Bengal and Nepal, it is a custom that is drilled all finished India. Independent of the reality where a Hindu is found on the planet, they watch Kumari Pujan in one frame or the other.

Kumari Pujan has been talked about in the antiquated sacred writings. It is said that the Goddess Chandi proclaimed that she is show in all females in the universe and the whole arrangement of customs praises this soul. As a piece of the customs a young lady is picked as a kumari, an awesome being.

In specific sacred writings a young lady is worshiped till the age of sixteen while much lower in others. Distinctive names are subscribed for a young lady relying upon her age. Given beneath are a few terms for various age gatherings of young ladies.

The Why behind Kumari Pujan/Kanjak Puja: Traditional Perspective

Durga is thought to be the ladylike viewpoint or mother of the universe (something like Yin of Chinese rationality) thus she is available in all that we see around us. So we can revere Her as She is available in all enliven and lifeless things.

Hindus do icon love to regard the way that goddess is available in non living things. The human youngsters are worshiped to help individuals to remember the way that Goddess Durga is available in living creatures as well. The religious books additionally say that the Goddess Durga is available in the collection of young ladies. It is specified in Shakta content of Devi Mahatmayam. Following the content the Kumari pujan is done to satisfy the goddess and remind Her lovers that she is inescapable in all creatures. The general energy of Goddess Durga can undoubtedly show itself in the body of a little and guiltless youngster.

The Procedure

Since you know the substance of the Kumari pujan we will examine the system for the same. The initial step is to choose the young lady will’s identity the Devi in the Kumari pujan. This is a test as getting a tyke who will have the tolerance to sit for so long can be somewhat troublesome.

The young ladies chose for Kumari pujan are for the most part between six to ten years. The Bengalis consider the Durga puja deficient if Kumari pujan is not done on Ashtami or Navami. You can likewise observe the Kumari pujan in different Ramakrishna missions over the world.

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