Jwalamukhi Temple

Jwalamukhi Temple

Jwalamukhi Temple of Himachal is found near Kangra and is most popular for the incessantly smoldering blue fire beginning in the stone sanctum. The sanctuary is amazingly roosted on the edge known as Kali Dhar. It has a vault and high zeniths with a 3-feet profound square pit in the inside encompassed by a pathway around it.

There is a break in the stone in the middle that transmits gas that makes an immense fire when lit. This gas is considered as a gift from the divinity. The one of a kind thing about Jwalamukhi Temple is that there is no sanctuary, however the fire is considered as the indication of goddess Jwalaji.

Celebrated for being a sanctuary that doesn’t house any symbol, the Jwalamukhi Temple is among the 51 add up to Shakti Peethas in India. The sanctuary is arranged 35 km south of Kangra valley in the town of Jwalamukhi in Himachal Pradesh. The sanctuary is devoted to Jwalamukhi-the Goddess of Light, otherwise called the Flaming Goddess or ‘She of the Flaming Mouth’.

The sanctuary is arranged disregarding the Dhauladhar range and set in the midst of undulating slopes. As indicated by Hindu mythology, when Lord Vishnu slice through the cadaver of Sati, her tongue tumbled off the carcass at this site. Indeed, even the Pandavas are respected to have gone to this hallowed place.

The sanctuary comprises of a copper pipe which exudes common gas which is lit by the sanctuary’s minister to frame a faultless blue fire. The fire is worshiped as the appearance of the goddess Jwalamukhi. Some likewise trust that Jwalamukhi speaks to the flaring mouth of Jalandhara, the evil spirit who was smashed to death by Lord Shiva. The blazes are accepted to originate from his mouth. Nine flares have been named after the goddesses – Mahakali, Annapurna, Chandi, Hinglaj, Vidhya, Basni, Maha Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ambika and Anji Devi which smolder consistently.


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