Jwala Devi Temple

Did you know this about Jwala Devi Temple?


Famous as one of the most revered Shakti peethas, Jwala Devi temple is situated in the south of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. Placed beside a cliff, Jwala Devi Mandir is built in the Indo-Sikh type of architecture on the top of a wooden platform. Although the temple’s structural design is very simple, but its religious aura and impressions make it absolutely divine. Gold covers the dome as well as spire of this temple. Further, shrine’s main door is also plated with silver that adds to the divine look of the temple. The temple also has a huge brass bell in front of its main shrine that was gifted by the King of Nepal.

Temple style of Jwala Devi has been done in a very typical style, having four corners with a small dome on the top along with a square central mine of scooped stone inside the place where main flame burns endlessly. At this place, Goddess Sati’s tongue fell as per old stories go in the Indian mythology. Also, the temple is unique in its own sense as compared to other temples of the Goddess, as you won’t find any idol here to worship, but the nine flames that come out of earth womb. These flames are named as Mahakali, Chandi, Annapurna, Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, Hinglaj, Ambika, Vindhya Vasini, and Anji Devi.

There is an interesting fact to know about Jwala Devi temple that after independence, the temple was declared as the Cultural Heritage site and ever since then it has been under the Government management. Although the temple was first built by first construction king Bhumi Chand, King Sansarchand and Ranjit Singh accomplished the entire construction work of the temple in 1835. Prayers and aartis are performed during different intervals of the day, which are pilgrims’ main attraction of the temple. A grand colorful annual fair is also held at the temple surroundings every year in July/August month. Inside the Jwala Devi temple complex, you can also find some small shrines including the Chaturbhuj and Gorakh Dibbi temple.

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