Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple

15 kilometers aloof from the Holy City of Bodh Gaya is that the Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple. self-praise of convoluted wood carvings, this temple is thought for its distinctive and exquisite Japanese design and could be a good example of Buddhist traditions and culture.

Housing stunning Japanese paintings that trace vital events in Gautam Buddha’s life, this temple was in-built the year 1972. so as to unfold Buddhism, it’s believed that the japanese government funded this shrine so as to unfold word regarding Buddhism and its teachings.

An outstanding example of Buddhist culture and Japanese design, this temple was in-built 1972 with the assistance of International Buddhist communities.

The structure of the temple is carven out of wood and it’s sort of a Japanese shrine. It conjointly showcases lots of Japanese paintings narrating events from the lifetime of Gautam Buddha.

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