An Overview of Hindu Culture And History


Cultures and traditions have always been an essential part of every religion, as human civilization is certainly

incomplete without them. Hinduism is known to be the oldest religion on the earth and Hindus have been

observed to follow a variety of Hindu customs and traditions. You should not be surprised, if you see people

sacrificing their lives for their customs, as there are some important customs that people don’t hesitate in

sacrificing their lives for the good. People, who live in villages of India, are more conscious about firmly

following the customs. However, it doesn’t mean that the city people are not attached to their customs, but

they are not seen as constantly devoted towards such things as the people in villages are.

Get familiar with Hindu culture history


In India, you will find a rich Hindu culture history that covers a number of aspects, which have existed since

the beginning of the religion. Famous temples in India have become widely visited tourist places over the

years. Hindu religion travels cover every state in the country and your visit is incomplete until you visit famous

Hindu tourist places in India that includes most famous Char Dham Yatra, Kailash Manasarovar Yatra, Puri

Rath Yatra and many others. With help of some of the ancient sources of Indian History, Puranas and Vedas,

we have known not only the hymns about the deities, but also legendary sagas related to all shrines across the


Famous Hindu tourist places in India


Mandir, bhajan, tirtha, puja and the names of hundreds of Gods and Goddesses are such meaningful and

spiritual words around which the magical Indian culture weaves. Some of the Hindu religion travels in our

country have been famous for being sacred and turning highly regarded symbolic figures due to the beliefs of

people. Some of the most famous temples and tourist places in India include Badrinath temple, Somnath,

Kedarnath temple, Rameshawarm temple, Vaisnho Devi, Siddivinayak temple, Golden temple, Char Dham

yatra, etc. As per Hindu mythology and people’s believe, if you visit any of the Hindu tourist places in India

even for once in your lifetime, half your burdens will be settled and you will realize the inner peace for