Gorsam Chorten Temple Tawang

A popular stupa in Arunachal Pradesh, Gorsam Chorten is known for being one amongst the oldest stupas within the space. set within the city of Tawang, thick the abundant verdure of the gorgeous state, Gorsam Chorten is believed to own been engineered throughout the twelfth century by a Monpa monk, Lama Pradhar. The spirituality of Buddhism appears to own enclosed this stupa as you may feel the ambiance of divinity as presently as you step within it.
As the cool mountain breeze flaps the multi-coloured Buddhist prayer flags that are connected to the tower of the stupa from all sides, it’s a sight which will awake a robust sense of spirituality altogether believers of Buddhism. The massive white stupa incorporates a golden tower, rising high to the white-clouded sky of Tawang.

Gorsam Chorten close to the village of Zemithang is that the largest Stupa of the world with the peak of concerning 100ft (like a ten storied building). It lies within the vale floor, on the bank of Namjang Chu stream. There’s no written history and nobody is aware of the date once it absolutely was specifically engineered. Early eighteenth century is one wide command guessing through legends stretch its antiquity by another four hundred years. Native legend has it that Lama Sangye Pradhar (Monpa), United Nations agency purportedly engineered Gorsam Chorten, travelled to Kathmandu and carved a miniature model of the shrine victimisation radish. so the chorten could be a virtual reproduction of the Nepalese landmark: its big subfigure dome, topped by a pyramidical head, resting on a sq. three-tiered base, with fur huge eyes of the “all seeing Buddha”, painted on the pyramidical crown even as in Boudanath, with little stupas on the plinth’s four corners. It’s aforesaid to own taken thirteen years to create the chorten.

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