Gollalamamidada Avatar Temple

Situated on the banks of stream “Thulya Bhaga”, Gollalamamidada avatar may be a standard journey centre placed in East Godavari District of state. The temple is thought by the name of Sri Kodanda avatar temple and is settled in Gollala Mamidada village, therefore is popularly acknowledged by the name of Gollalamamidada avatar temple.

History and Significance

Incepted by late Sri Kovvuri Basivi Reddy Garu in 1920, the Gollalamamidada avatar temple may be a well-liked Hindu shrine in Southern Republic of India. The temple is well-liked everywhere the state of state and is thought as Gopurala Mamidada. A special attraction of Gollalamamidada avatar temple is it’s a hundred and seventy feet high Gopuram.

April nineteen may be a big day at the Gollalamamidada avatar temple and marriage ceremony of Lord Avatar and god mythical being is persevered at the moment each year at the temple. The temple is settled in a vicinity of sixteen acres and therefore the temple complicated is being aesthetically maintained by the management committee.

Pooja Schedule

Archanas or regular Pooja is conducted at the temple daily. The ceremony of Abhisheka is conducted as non-commissioned within the sashtras and thousands of devotees from everywhere the region create it some extent to attend the Pooja festivities. Devotees have a firm belief in Lord Avatar and create vows to come back to the temple, once their desires are consummated.

Executive officer has been appointed by Government of state to appear once the affairs of the temple since 1991. Before that, the management of the temple was being looked by the family these days Sri Kovvuri Basivi Reddy Garu.

Kalayanam Ceremony

Kalayanam ceremony may be a special event at Gollalamamidada avatar temple and therefore the wedding of Lord Avatar and god mythical being is solemnized on at the moment at Apr nineteenth each year. This annual event carries on for 9 days and begins with a chariot procession and varied deities participate during this event.

A sweet delicacy by the name of Payasam is distributed to the devotees on at the moment and its thought-about auspicious to consume identical.

How to Reach

Gollala Mamidada is found at a distance of twenty four metric linear units from town of Kakinada that may be a major city within the East Godavari district. It might be higher to jaunt Kakinada and proceed to Gollala Mamidada temple from there.

By Air

The nearest landing field to Gollala Mamidada temple is at Rajahmundry that is found at a distance of eighty nine metric linear units and serves Chennai, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. That motion from overseas will reach Visakhapatnam landing field that is found at a distance of 149 metric linear units from Gollala Mamidada temple.

By Road

National route 214 connects Kakinada to remainder of the country as well as cities like Chennai and metropolis. Gollala Mamidada temple is found at a distance of twenty four metric linear units from Kakinada and may handily be reached from Kakinada.

By Rail

If you propose to surpass train, you’ll be able to ideally set down at Kakinada that has 3 railway stations specifically Kakinada Junction, Kakinada Port and Samalkot Junction. Kakinada is connected to major cities of Republic of India through the rail route and you’ll be able to rent transport and taxis for the Gollala Mamidada temple from the train station itself.

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