Durga Bari Mandir

The symbol of Durga Bari Temple, existed more than 500 years prior in the illustrious administration was inundated in the Haora River at Dashamighat with Tripura police band playing the national song of praise. This is the main puja, completely supported by the Tripura government and national song of devotion is played amid drenching.

More than hundred fans thronged the illustrious Ujjayanta royal residence (current Tripura State Museum) when the symbols from Durgabari and “Prabhubari” were first brought in the midst of tight security. Later, icons headed by the cleric and the Tripura police with many aficionados in parade were taken to the Dashamighat for drenching.

The Maharaja Krishna Kishore Manikya had set up the Durgabari Temple in Agartala almost 177 years back. Prior, it was first in Udaipur, Amarpur and Puran Haveli. Prior, the West District Magistarte used to keep in touch with the imperial relatives about the arrangements of Durga Puja and after the consummation of the puja. As of late, Maharani Bibhu Kumari Devi affirms everything with respect to the puja.

The genuine glory of the celebration is the submersion of Durga symbol of the Durgabari Temple. The icons are the first to get inundated at Dashamighat with the Tripura police band playing the national tune. The custom of financing by the state government was begun since the regal state Tripura converged with the Indian Union as indicated by the understanding marked between the then Maharani Kanchan Prabha Devi and the Indian Governor General on October 15, 1949.

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