Doul Govinda Temple

Doul Govinda Temple is doubtless one in all the well-known temples of Assam. it’s set on the northern banks, on the foot hills of Chandrabharati hill at Rajaduar, North Guwahati. The temple is chiefly dedicated to Lord Krishna. The Doul Govinda Mandir in Assam is known for its Holi celebrations at intervals the month of February – March. Special Ferry service may also be out there to the temple from Guwahati to Rajaduar anytime. Daily actions of the Doul Govinda Temple begin early, with the gap of the doorways at seven at intervals the morning. The priest bathes the idol once that performs the Archana. The worshipers begin coming back in from AN hour once this, that continues till the tip of the day. In between that, the temple stays closed the course of the afternoon. within the night the Arati is allotted by singing pious songs or ‘Kirtaan‘. Prasada adopted by Bhoga is distributed among the numerous devotees in open passageway, throughout afternoon hours every day. a decent sort of devotees contribute to the temple Management to provide Bhoga and Sarai on their behalf with or with out desire. Such devotees get some amount of Bhoga for taking house from the counter.

According to the legends, the idol of Lord Krishna that is consecrated at the sanctum sanctorum was found miraculously. Once it had been rumoured that a milcher, wont to free herself and enter the quaint woods of the Sandhya-Jhar, set close to the hamlet of JEKERIA in Rongia Subdivision of Kamrup district on each predawn. Everyday, the cow was stopped by a Birina grass bush upon that milk wont to flow ad libitum from her bag. once the Sadaar Administrator Gargaram Barooah detected this event, he himself went there on elephant’s back to witness the total episode. He anon ordered to dig the place and also the lovely idol of Lord Krishna enjoying the flute was found. Later on, this idol was consecrated within the Deul Govinda Temple on the Holi utsav.

Situated on the northern banks of river, North Guwahati, Assam, Doul Govinda Temple may be a far-famed temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. the primary structure of the temple was erected over one hundred fifty yeras past. it had been restored once more in 1966.

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