17 Mar

Chitrakoot, the holy place holds a significant religious, historical and cultural importance for Hindus. It is said to be the place where Lord Rama spent the most of his time in exile due to His love for the place. The place was also chosen by great sages, thinkers and devotees for meditation and other purposes. It attracts crowds throughout the year and many people gather here on auspicious days like Amavasya, Deepawali, Somwati Amavassya, Makar Sakranti, Sharad-Poornima and Ramnavami. Nestled in Bundelkhand region, the place is green with vegetation with mountains all around that declare it as the charismatic land of culture and huge historical significance.

Spread across a huge area, Chitrakoot is a town, where the past is delightfully treasured in its colourful divine centres. A renowned place of wonderful fairy-tale significance, Chitrakoot replicates the essence and real soul of Hindu lifestyle. Festivals in this holy town possess a spiritual façade, and are geared up to glorify the allure of Lord Rama. Most legendary festival of Chitrakoot is apparently ‘Ram Leela’, which is held during the last week of February month. People visit during the Mahashivratri festival so that they can have a view of the presentation of Ramayana.

Apart from the historical significance, Chitrakoot covers a number of points of attraction that makes the visitors even more spiritually thrilled to visit the place. These main attractions include Hanuman Dhara, where devotees remain just amazed by the lovely surroundings. Devoted to Lord Hanuman, the place also offers a picture the friendly legend of Lord Rama. Sati Anusuya temple is another place to capture the attention of visitors, for it is amid dense forest, where one can relish the chirping of birds and enjoy the serene setting. Ganesh Bagh, built by Peshwa King-Vinayak Rao is among highly visited gardens around. Janaki Kund is the place where Sita took bath during the exile. It is also a place to have a relaxed time with your closest ones. Kamadgiri is a temple addressed to Lord Rama with beautiful setting of wooded mountain. Sphatik Shila is also popular among visitors, since Lord Rama and Goddess Sita admired the elegance of the place.

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