Charantala temple

As indicated by legend, the sanctuary was worked after a pestilence had struck the town prompting to the loss of many lives. The Puja for Goddess Kali started after a psychic, who had moved from Bangladesh amid the freedom war made the recommendation, driving supernaturally to the end of the pestilence.

In the most recent five decades, the sanctuary was assembled step by determined step and conveyed to its present shape with liberal gifts from enthusiasts. The three day yearly puja ceremonies are held amid the end of April or May according to Hindu schedule, contingent upon the date of Amabashya.

Lovers trust that desires are satisfied on the off chance that one offers petitions at the sanctuary. In the consequent years, the fans, whose desires are satisfied, offer creature penances at the sanctuary.

“At first just the neighborhood Hindu populace offered puja here yet gradually the sanctuary rose to noticeable quality and enthusiasts from various parts of the nation beginning to rush here”, said the secretary of the Charantala Kali Puja Welfare Society, Jibendro Narayan Koch.

Pujas are hung on Tuesdays and Saturdays consistently.

For Hindu aficionados from Meghalaya, Assam, West Bengal, Nepal and Bangladesh, the sanctuary is viewed as an ‘absolute necessity visit’ site to offer deference to Goddess Kali, as local people trust that Goddess Kali had appeared to the general population here when the pestilence had struck numerous towns in Selsella, which is presently populated for the most part by individuals having a place with the Garo tribe.

Numerous enthusiasts thought on the whole extend by walking amid the yearly puja. “It is an incongruity that this sanctuary pulls in such a variety of guests and the legislature has not gave us much help”, said an individual from the puja board of trustees.

It might be noted here that the legislature has so far given help under BRGF to a group corridor and the tourism division has given a group can at the sanctuary site.

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