Chamunda Devi Temple

The Chamunda Devi Temple is a popular sacred altar, situated in Kangra. The old sanctuary is situated along the Baner River and was worked amid the sixteenth century. Chamunda Devi is considered as a sign of Shakti or Durga. What’s more, the sanctuary is likewise considered as the living spot of Shiva and Shakti. In this way, it is additionally called Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham.

At the back of the sanctuary is a buckle like scoop where a stone “Lingam” under a rock speaks to Nandikeshwar (Shiva). The sanctuary complex is a captivating spot with transcendent perspective of Dhauladhar, the Baner Khad and Dadh. A boundless running water pool houses the statues of Lord Shiva and Saraswati. A trek of around 16 km up in the Dhauladhar reaches is the old sanctuary of Aadi Himani Chamunda.

Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham’. The well known Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham is a home Shiva Shakti since the adventure of Puranas. As indicated by a legend, the Goddess Chamunda was revered as boss Goddess with the title of Rudra in the fight between evil spirit Jalandhra and Lord Shiva which made this place well known as “Rudra Chamunda”. Another legend has it that “Savarni Manamantra” fight between the divine beings and evil spirits, Chamunda rose as Chandika from an eyebrow of Goddess “Kaushiki” and was relegated the errand of wiping out the devils “Chand” and “Mund”.

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