Brahma Temple

Seek Blessings of Lord Brahma at Brahma Temple Goa

Most people are aware of only one temple of Brahma, the creator of the Hindu trinity, at Pushkar in Rajasthan. However, there is another Brahma temple in a remote village of Nagargao in Goa’s Valpoi area. The elegant and tall statue of Brahma in this beautifully designed temple blesses all those who come to seek his blessings from around the country. The magnificently chiselled idol of Lord Brahma dates back to the Kadamba period, belonging to the 12th century. Devotees come here specifically for the removal of forefathers’ sins, liberation from ancestral sins and freedom from parental curses.


History associated with the temple

Some historians in Goa say that the island of Tiswadi was conquered by the Portuguese in 16th century which caused fear of destruction of the temple. Due to this fear, devotees of God Brahma moved the deity out from Karmali village secretly in 1541 and brought it to the Sattari taluka that was not being ruled by the Portuguese back then.

The deity was in Sattari taluka till 1781 and when it came under the Portuguese rule, the devotees took the idol to village, Valpoi and then to a dense forest to establish it in a small shrine on the banks of a rivulet. Due to the mount idol of Lord Brahma in this village, it later came to become famous after his name.


The importance of Brahma temple

The main attraction of this temple is the idol of Lord Brahma and its value is associated with the fact that it is the original piece of sculpture that has been carved out of a black stone back in the Kadamba period. When you visit the temple, you will see an idol of Lord Brahma in Trimurti form which signifies the trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. Positioned in a standing posture, the sculpture in Brahma temple is surrounded by lotus, goose, bull, crocodile, etc. that represent different elements of biodiversity.


How to reach here?

Located at the Nagargao village, 7 kilometres from Valpoi, the Brahma temple is around 60 kilometres from Panji. Since Goa is well connected by various modes of transport, you won’t have to face troubles while reaching here. Whether you land at the international airport, railway station of Goa or come by road, you will find easy connectivity for everywhere as the state is well connected by roads to other parts of the country.

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