Baladev Dauji Temple

Baladev Dauji Temple

The town of Baldev is situated at a separation of 22 km from Mathura and somewhere in the range of 5 miles from Mahaban. The place is naturally called Dauji and is for the most part known by that name among villagers. The first town was called Rirha.The town gets all its superstar from the acclaimed sanctuary of Balaram or Baladev, Krishna’s senior sibling.

Sanctuary is around 150 years of age, It is extremely fame among Hindus, The sanctuary itself, worked by Seth Shiam Das of Delhi, stands at the back of one internal court, and on each of its three withdrew sides has an arcade of three inlets with expansive flanking wharfs. On each of these three sides an entryway offers access to the calla, which is surmounted by a squat pyramidal tower. Notwithstanding the chief figure, Baladeva, who is for the most part luxuriously dressed and bedizened with gems, it contains another life-sized statue, expected to speak to his companion, Revati. In a bordering court is demonstrated the little vaulted chamber which served the god as a home for the main century after his epiphany. The areas of the sanctuary incorporate upwards of eleven secluded quadrangles, where settlement is accommodated pioneers and the inhabitant clerics.


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