Bajreshwari Devi Temple

Bajreshwari Temple or Vagreshwari Devi Temple is situated in the focal point of Kangra Town. The sanctuary gets the most astounding number of guests among the various sanctuaries in the area. The place of worship is among the 51 Skaktipeeths and is accepted to have established on account of goddess Bajreshwari in an Ashwamedha or old stallion yield. A one of a kind aspect concerning this heavenly place of worship is that it has been assaulted routinely by trespassers from the north western piece of India.

The Bajreshwari Devi Temple is a well known Hindu journey site in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh behind the swarmed market of Kangra Town. It is said to be built by Goddess Bajreshwari itself at a place where once the renowned Ashwamedh or steed yield occurred. Remaining behind the cricket field, various sustenance offering slows down and clamoring boulevards, the sanctuary stands high and demonstrates its nearness by the reverberating hints of its immense chimes. The yearly Makar Sankranti celebration is commended at this sanctuary with extraordinary ceremony and show. On this propitious event ghee is connected on the icon of the goddess and water is poured 100times. After that the symbol is improved by blooms. This is drilled for a week.


It is said that the sanctuary was not known as Bajreshwari Devi Temple when surprisingly it was manufactured. As indicated by the historical backdrop of this district, the sanctuary was assaulted by Mohammad Ghazni, the infamous intruder and demolished in 1009. Later, the sanctuary was reproduced. It is in 1905, the sanctuary got wrecked by a staggering seismic tremor. The sanctuary is revived to the general population in 1920. The sanctuary of Bajreshwari Devi is one of only a handful few residual sanctuaries from wonderful past of Kangra.

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