Bade Hanuman ji Temple

Celebrated Bade Hanuman Ji temple Allahabad is located on the banks of River Ganga and is devoted to lord Hanuman near Sangam. Here, Ganga Maiya Herself comes to bathe Hanumanji once in a year and the darshan of lord Hanuman fulfills everyone’s wishes. It is a celebrated phenomenon that every year in the rainy season, River Ganga would be flooded and the Ganga water would then enter into the Temple. Thereafter, Bade Hanuman will remain immersed in Ganga water for few days and during this period and the pooja is used to perform for Hanumanji’s other statue kept at an elevated platform for these days.

Since the idol of Bade Hanuman is very huge in stature, it is renowned as Sri Bade Hanuman of Prayagraj. Here at Bade Hanuman ji Temple Allahabad, the very sight of the Lord is bound to inspire one’s spirituality and elevate their thoughts. According to the temple’s history, it is said that the idol of the Shri Bade Hanuman is situated at the Sangam Kshetra in Prayag; it is also believed that he had great storage of money & material and had every enjoyment of life. There are many stories connected to the temple’s history, among which stories of a trader, a rich trader, etc. are famous ones. There have been some stories related to the efforts to put the statue in the present standing position and futile efforts to move to some other place. It is trusted that when Lord Hanuman decided to stay there in the temple to give blessings to his devotees and he can be seen in reclining position at similar place to where Balgiri was given got darshan by the Lord.

Balgiriji had placed a flag post at the temple, where Bade Hanuman had established Himself; where many people come with their wishes and take vows to revisit after the fulfillment of the present wish. These devotees also present a flag post to reestablish their faith on the Lord. Among various experiences of devotees, just a simple sight of the Lord in Bade Hanuman Ji temple Allahabad, is bound to give message that only truth can triumph over everything else.

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