Aundha Nagnath Temple

Aundha Nagnath Shiva Temple Jyotirlinga is thought to be one of the Jyotirlinga, situated at Aundha Nagnath in Hingoli region of Maharashtra. The sanctuary is an essential place of journey and itself merits seeing for its extraordinarily lovely carvings.

Pandavas came here amid their Vanvas (life in backwoods) construct a seclusion for themselves. Their dairy animals used to go to a similar stream bank to drink water. Subsequent to drinking wate, drain used to naturally stream into the waterway as though the cows were putting forth to the stream. One day Bhima saw this inexplicable occasion. He immediately informed Dharmaraja regarding the same. At that point Dharmaraja said, “Without a doubt, some extraordinary God must live in this stream”. At that point the Pandavas began expelling the water from te waterway. The center part of the waterway was hot to the point that the water there was bubbling.

Bheema lifted his mace assaulted the stream thrice. The water gave way right away. At the exact second , rather, blood began overflowing like a spring. Ruler Shankara’s Linga could be viewed as the JyotirLinga.

On the west drift in a territory of 16 Yojanas Daruka and Daruk need to live. The loners were sick of being bothered by Daruk, and others. So they ran and looked for asylum with Orvamuni, who thus reviled the Demons that they would be devastated. The Devas propelled an assault on the Demons. Presently, the Demons started to stress. Daruka, who got some unique helps from Parvati, lifted the whole backwoods, took it away on the way of the sky and place it amidst the ocean. At exactly that point, did the Demons unwind and keep on living there. They used to pass by pontoons and catch the loners and detain them the island. Once, there was a Shiva aficionado by the name Supriya who was among the detainees. He never ate nourishment or drank water without loving Shiva. He kept on doing Puja even while in jail.

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