Augharnath Mandir

Augharnath Mandir

The sanctuary of Augarnath at Meerut in the Northern Indian condition of Uttar Pradesh is somewhat known place of love yet of awesome verifiable significance. It is huge for its religious centrality as well as for its unmistakable part in India’s flexibility battle against the British Raj.

Nobody knows precisely when this sanctuary was constructed. It is said the ‘Shiva linga’ introduce in this sanctuary developed all alone – a marvel that has been pulling in the devotees of Lord Shiva as far back as its initiation. As indicated by neighborhood ministers, the immense Maratha rulers used to venerate here and look for favors before continuing with their triumph parades.

The locale of Meerut, from the times of its root, was saturated with the custom of the Hindus. It is trusted that Maya, the father-in-law of Ravana, established this place which came to be known as ‘Maidant-ka-Khera.’ According to another legend, Maya, the colossal modeler, got this land from King Yudhishthira and named this place “Mayrashtra,” a name which got to be distinctly abbreviated to Meerut. Others say that the region of Meerut shaped part of the domains of King Mahipal of Indraprastha and the source of the name “Meerut” is ascribed to him.

Until 1944 this gigantic complex comprised just of a little sanctuary and the adjacent well. This was encompassed by immense group of trees. In 1968, another sanctuary with present day engineering (with the old Shiva linga particularly there) supplanted the old sanctuary. In 1987, an immense hexagonal corridor was worked with the end goal of religious functions and ‘bhajans’. In May 2001, a 4.5 kg gold plated “kalash” (pitcher) was introduced at the tower of the sanctuary.


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