Ambalapuzha Srikrishna Temple

Worked in seventeenth century, Ambalapuzha Srikrishna Temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. Aficionados come here to venerate the Unni Krishna (the kid type of Lord Krishna). Because of a lovely legend connected to the sanctuary, Palpayasam is served as an offering here, which by the way is amazingly delectable. The sanctuary is likewise known for the god that has been brought from Guruvayoor amid the reign of Tipu Sultan keeping in mind the end goal to be defended from the attack occurring then.

likewise called Dwaraka of the South. One of the most established sanctuaries in kerala . Set up amid 15-17 AD by the leader of chempakasherri , Sri. Devanarayan. Chembakasherri was later renamed as Ambalapuzha.

The most effective method to reach ambalappuzha sanctuary: Ambalapuzha is a residential community around 13 kilometers from alappuzha town next to NH 47. The sanctuary is arranged around 1.5 kilometers east of the town intersection. The managing diety is parthasarathi some specify it as gopalakrishna.

The sweet porridge made of drain, sugar and rice offered in this sanctuary generally called Amabalapuzha Pal payasam. enthusiasts can book the payasam by sending a cash arrange for the sake of the head , ambalapuzha devasom, ambalapuzha, alappuzha.

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