Amarnath Temple

What Makes Amarnath Temple a Must Visit Place in India?


Amarnath cave, also known as Amarnath temple is located in Jammu and Kashmir (India). Situated at an altitude of 3,888m from Srinagar and surrounded by snowy mountains, the holy shrine is considered as an important part of Hinduism. The cave that holds huge significance is visited by innumerable Hindu devotees. Except from the small duration in summer to be visited by pilgrims, the place is heavily covered with snow all around the year. Going by the Hindu mythology, legends have it that the cave of Amarnath temple was the place that Lord Shiva chose to reveal the secret of creation to the entire world along with immortality to His consort, Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva stepped in the holy cave with Goddess Parvati, leaving behind all the ornaments to let out the secret. While doing so, it is believed that a pigeon’s egg overheard the secret and became immortal. It is also believed that pilgrims can still see the pair of pigeon that was born out of the egg.

As per the history of Amarnath temple goes, while preparing to move to Amarnath cave, Lord Shiva left Nandi (the Bull He used to ride upon) at Pahalgam. Further He removed Moon from His hair at Chandanwari and released the Snake at the river banks. He also decided on leaving His son Ganesha at the Mahagunas Parvat (aka Mahaganesh Hill). Leaving behind the five elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky that make living being, Lord Shiva moved further. Along with all these segments, it is believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati performed Tandav Dance as a symbol of sacrificing the earthly world.

Leaving behind all the earthly things and such aspects, Bhole Shankar is believed to have entered the holy cave, where he takes Samadhi on the Deer Skin to concentrate. In order to ensure that no living being can overhear the Immortal Tale of world’s creation, He created Kalagni Rudra and ordered him to set fire to do away with any living being in as well as around the holy cave. The Amarnath temple is also considered to be among heavenly sacred Hindu pilgrimages, since it the famous place where Shiva Linga is formed in its natural state with snow.

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